Why Music is so Important to Students

In the latest events in student reforms, there are some cut backs in the budgets that may lead to either unemployed teachers, less subjects and maybe even less school days. But before the music class will be eyed as an “endangered subject”, they might want to take a look on the advantage of music to learning in general.

When a woman is pregnant, there is this belief that a child will achieve optimal development if the mom will listen to classical music, as to it is proven to some studies that music, especially classical music, gives the brain its exercise and makes it prone to growth and better development than those who do not.

Some studies also show that it can be true to plants, the main point is that music can overall help in a growing child’s brain development, along of course with proper nourishment.

As a child grows and he/she steps in school, there are some parents who let the child study some piano lessons or any other instrument. Some of the children may even love music without their parent’s influences; others are just encouraged by their parents who love music.

Along with this thought, many studies strongly relate the relation of music with the development of the both hemispheres of the brain, and the more often they triggered, every part of the brain can reach its optimal stage including absorbing information, analytical thinking and awareness.

Music has also been a form of stress release especially if there is too much overload of information. It also helps focus and refreshes the mind after a stress factors.

Why are the advantages of music in brain development and learning emphasized? It is because there are many teachers from the music and arts getting notices and budgets for them are sometimes being cut to the bone. Although these cuts maybe understandable at some point, but merely focusing on academic subjects like math, science and language may not help the student a full learning experience.

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